An 86-year-old Ohio woman is currently fighting her townhome management after being ordered to remove an American flag from her front porch.

Julia Lease, who has lived in the Whitehall complex for more than 36 years, discovered the violation notice on her door earlier this week.

“I thought, after all these years, how can they make me take my flag down?” Lease told the Columbia Dispatch. “I can’t see how an American flag can detract from anything.”

Simply stating, “Please remove flag from your front porch. Thank you,” Lease says the note fails to specify which specific rule was allegedly violated.

According to Lease, an American flag has flown outside her home since she originally moved in, with the latest flag being less than a month old.

Ironically, reporters attempting to question townhome employees at a nearby leasing office noticed as many as six American flags, many of which were tattered, lining the parking lot.

Lease says she currently has no plans to remove the flag and is awaiting the townhouse management’s next move.

“It means to me that I live in a country worth fighting for,” Lease said. “It belongs up.”

As the news spread through the community, local citizens became outraged and began planning a Sunday protest at the Whitehall complex.

Jeremy Deeter, head organizer with Unite Ohio, told Infowars that the complex attempted to quell the protest by allowing Lease to fly the flag under “special conditions” while other residents must meet certain guidelines. According to Deeter, Lease will not be satisfied “everyone can fly their flags freely.”

A local celebrity is donating 250 flags for us to pass out,” Deeter said. “So we will be out there passing out flags and asking all of the residents to put their rent payments in escrow accounts until the rental office stops these policies.”

Unbelievably, Lease’s situation is one of countless as Americans are increasingly demonized for flying the country’s flag.

Just last June,  a

73-year-old veteran was threatened with foreclosure after refusing to pay an $8,000 dollar fine for displaying a small American flag in a plant pot outside his Florida home.

That same month, a Texas man was told to remove his flag by his apartment manager after it was deemed a “threat to the Muslim community.”

An Oregon woman was threatened with eviction for having an American flag in her front window last March.


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