Marcus Hill
December 6, 2012

After repeated assurances, via phone and email, from the Raleigh City Clerks office that the WTVD11 news piece about the dangers of water fluoridation would be played at the Raleigh City Council meeting Tuesday evening, 12-04-2012… After Mr. Corey Sturmer being assured by the producer of the local ABC affiliate’s piece that a camera crew would be there to document the viewing of the piece featuring the anti-fluoride activist… After trumpeting the call to December’s Fluoride Fightin’ Tuesday via Planet Infowars and other social media…

This band of patriots was met with stiff resistance. The Council refused to allow the piece to be played. The crew failed to show. That resistance was met with the truth.

We spoke truth to power. We are the resistance. Mr. Corey Sturmer was not deterred by the cowardice of the Council and delivered a brilliant and thought provoking speech educating a Council dissociated from reality. Mr. Rocco Piserchia did not cower beneath the glare of a Council clearly irritated at the audacity of a citizen questioning Agenda 21. Ms. Katie Haberman was riveting and powerful as she calmly questioned the practice of putting hazardous toxic waste in the water. The fear of a Raleigh City Council faced with those simple questions resounded with deafening silence. That fear was questioned by myself, Marcus Hill.

Councilman John Odom asserted that he did not fear placing hazardous toxic waste in the water. In fact: “I drink the water the city of Raleigh puts out, and I think it’s the best in the country. I’ve supported it the 14 years I’ve been on this council and I certainly have no fear of making that statement.”

Councilman Odom was not afraid to tell me my time was up when I asked him about lead and arsenic added under the umbrella of water fluoridation.

Dissociation from reality does not protect one from reality. The dissociation from reality that plagues our Republic was epitomized by members of the Raleigh City Council raising their glasses of toxic waste-laden water and responding to the call to remove the poison with a sophomoric “CHEERS!”

Marcus Hill is the admin for the Greater Raleigh Resistance group on where this article originally appeared.

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