Transgender activist Blaire White was assaulted on Hollywood Blvd for sporting a Make America Great Again hat in a social experiment gone awry.

“I wanted to see what would happen if I wore a Trump hat in public in Hollywood,” White tweeted. “Ended up bloody and covered in alcohol, so I’d say NOT all that shocking LMAO.”

A vlogger pointed out the individuals who assaulted White were “fat-ass white neoliberals.”

The experiment, aimed at exposing how triggered the Left becomes over anything Trump-related, was simply to wear the hat in public peacefully, and she didn’t do anything provocative, White added.

White also mentioned how women wearing hats or short skirts doesn’t mean they’re “asking for it.”

It’s worth noting how liberals preach tolerance and acceptance of everyone while at the same time viciously assaulting anybody – including a transgender woman – who doesn’t share their narrow anti-Trump viewpoint.

Liberals react more strongly to trivial matters like White’s MAGA hat than they do, for instance, when an Islamic terrorist mows down innocents with a truck in NYC.


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