Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
February 18th, 2008

A cache of JFK-related memorabilia discovered by the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office includes a transcript of an alleged meeting between Jack Ruby and Lee Harvey Oswald two months before Kennedy was killed.

The documents were discovered in an old safe on the 10th floor of the county courthouse, according to an AP report.

The AP report goes to great lengths to cast doubt on the veracity of the documents, quoting Sixth Floor Museum curator Gary Mack in dismissing the transcript as "a bad B movie," and speculating that the files were actually part of a movie script being written by former DA Henry Wade, the prosecutor in the Jack Ruby trial.

Most of the attention is bound to focus on the transcript between Ruby and Oswald, who supposedly met at Ruby’s nightclub on Oct. 4, 1963, less than two months before the Nov. 22 assassination. In it, they talked of killing the president because the mafia wanted to "get rid of" his brother, Attorney General Robert Kennedy.

Says Oswald in the transcript, "I can still do it, all I need is my rifle and a tall building; but it will take time, maybe six months to find the right place; but I’ll have to have some money to live on while I do the planning."

The transcript resembles one published in a report by the Warren Commission, which investigated Kennedy’s assassination and determined that Oswald was the lone gunman. The FBI determined that conversation — again between Oswald and Ruby, but this time about killing the governor — was definitely fake.

Whether the transcript is a fake or not, the fact that a CIA team was hired to kill Kennedy is documented, but the report obviously fails to mention that somewhat important caveat.

Last year, the son of one of the perpetrators, ex-Watergate conspirator E. Howard Hunt, released a tape of his father admitting his role as a "bench-warmer" in a wider Agency plot to assassinate JFK.

Hunt was photographed in Dealy Plaza along with other members of the hit team on the day of the assassination.

The bombshell revelations were completely ignored by the establishment media save one Rolling Stone article.

The press was also disinterested when Barr McClellan, father of former White House press secretary Scott McClellan and a partner in the Austin law firm that represented Lyndon Baines Johnson, wrote in his 2003 book that LBJ was a key player in the organization of the assassination and its cover-up. McClellan’s revelations were the subject of a subsequent History Channel documentary called The Guilty Men.

The media’s eagerness to do an extensive write-up on what they subsequently dismiss as a probable movie script in comparison to their deliberate blackballing of one of the most important JFK stories in decades underscores an institutionalized bias in scoffing at anything that doesn’t conform to the official story as outlined in the Warren Commission, the accuracy of which is doubted by the vast majority of Americans according to polls conducted in recent years.

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