A Texas, transitioning, teen transgender wrestler won her second state title Saturday, which sparked further concern among parents and competitors over the competition’s fairness.

Trinity High School senior Mack Beggs won the Texas girls’ Class 6A, 110-pound-division state title for the second consecutive year Saturday, beating Chelsea Sanchez, who she also beat in 2017, to win the title. Beggs entered the state championship with a 32-0 undefeated record.

Beggs is biologically female but started taking hormones when she was 15 years old, prompting many parents and competitors to raise concerns about the fairness of competition because she was competing against female athletes not taking hormones, according to Fox6Now. Beggs’s public criticism began when a female wrestler’s father filed a lawsuit in 2017 in an attempt to prevent Beggs from competing against other girls, alleging her artificially elevated testosterone levels are unfair.

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