“They cut the lock off, whoever it was that stole my weapon cut the lock off of my bag.”

Adan Salazar
May 31, 2013

A nurse who travels around the world teaching what she calls a reason-based approach to medical preparedness had her firearm stolen by someone in airport security, and given the TSA’s well documented history of pilfering cash, iPads and other items from unsuspecting travelers, it’s reasonable to assume they may be the ones at fault.

The Patriot Nurse, as she is known on both her Youtube channel and website, opened her bag once she had arrived at her destination only to find someone had cut the lock securing her weapon within her luggage.

“As you can tell by my tone, this is hitting close to home, because while I was out traveling… teaching medical preparedness… and in transit my weapon was stolen, basically… Either the TSA or the baggage handlers at a choice of three airports, they took my weapon, and it was not in an official capacity, it was stolen,” stated the Patriot Nurse.

Instead of giving in to the usual feelings of helplessness that accompany being violated by theft, the Patriot Nurse decided to document her misfortune and use it as a teaching tool to help others that may suffer the same harassment.

“… I wanted to basically give you guys a heads up. Whenever you’re traveling through the airport, you need to be cognizant that they’re gonna go through your bags and it doesn’t necessarily matter if you’ve locked it or not. They cut the lock off, whoever it was that stole my weapon cut the lock off of my bag.”

As a whistleblower exposed on the Alex Jones Show last year, the TSA deliberately hires people with criminal records who exhibit violent tendencies and psychopathic behavior to man its workforce, up to and including thieves.

In 2011, one TSA worker admitted to “looking the other way” while another worker stole up to $30,000 from travelers’ bags over a 13-month period, pocketing a share of the ill gotten gains himself.

Last year, while conducting an undercover investigation, ABC News had an iPad stolen by a TSA agent at an Orlando airport. They tracked the iPad to the screener’s home where he denied he had stolen the device, then, once the theft was confirmed, passed the blame on to his wife.

In fact, airport theft by TSA workers got so out of hand that ABC News felt it necessary to release a top 20 list of the major airports where theft-related firings were most prevalent.

We can thank the government’s contrived war on terror for the federalized rent-a-cops stationed at every airport known as TSA workers, who are so routinely caught engaged in criminal behavior that to compile a comprehensive list of their various crimes would be a major undertaking in and of itself.

Soon, using the Boston Marathon bombing and other manufactured terror events as a pretext, we should expect to see TSA goon squads formally rolled out at train stations, bus terminals and other events, as well as conducting “security assessment” checkpoints, throughout the country while professing to “protect the homeland.”

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