Comedy Central host Trevor Noah said Sarah Sanders is lucky the chefs didn’t ejaculate into her food when she was kicked out of a Virginia restaurant Friday night.

Noah disagreed with the restaurant’s decision to kick Sanders out and suggested they instead “treat her the same way she treats the press.”

“Yeah, they should have just brought her an empty plate and then when she goes, ‘Where is my food?’ you go, ‘Oh, it’s right there.’”

He continued, saying, “When you think about it, asking Sanders to leave was probably the nicest thing they could have done. The waiter was probably like, listen, if I’m being honest all the chefs are jizzing in your food right now, so… if I were you I’d go get a pizza at one of those places where you can watch them make it.”

Other late-night hosts insulted Sanders Monday, such as NBC’s Seth Myers, CBS’s Stephen Colbert and NBC’s Jimmy Fallon.

Watch the segments below:

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