Kurt Nimmo
April 29, 2011

John McCain, Joe Lieberman and Lindsey Graham – described as Senate hawks by a timid corporate media – are demanding Obama call for the resignation of Syria’s leader, Bashar al-Assad.

According to this Senate Trifecta of mass murder, the engineered color revolution in Syria “has reached a decisive point” and now is the time to push al-Assad out of power and further destabilize the Arab Middle East.

“By following the path of [Qadhafi] and deploying military forces to crush peaceful demonstrations, al-Assad and those loyal to him have lost the legitimacy to remain in power in Syria,” the senators said in a joint statement. “We urge President Obama to state unequivocally — as he did in the case of Qadhafi and [Egyptian President Hosni] Mubarak — that it is time for Assad to go.”

McCain-Lieberman-Graham want sanctions and other “tangible diplomatic and economic measures” to pressure leaders of the al-Assad regime to stop the crackdown, according to Politico.

In other words, the senators are calling for sanctions on the Syrian people. Brutal medieval sanctions did not force Saddam Hussein to step down. It took two military invasions to get rid of him. Sanctions will not get rid of Gaddafi in Libya, either. Sanctions in the current context are merely a formality before the bombs begin to drop. Only a military invasion of Syria will force out al-Assad.

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Earlier in the week, the Europeans began preparations. “France – together with the U.K., Germany, Spain and Italy – said Syrian ambassadors had been summoned to be made aware of the condemnation of the escalating violence against Syrian citizens,” reports the Wall Street Journal.

“We want to find an answer to these serious human-rights abuses at the European level,” said Chancellor Angela Merkel’s chief spokesman, Steffen Seibert. “Whether sanctions against Syrian leaders are possible will be reviewed. We would strongly support such sanctions,” he said.

The EU went further. A spokesman for Catherine Ashton, the EU’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs, said Wednesday the 27-nation globalist bloc was “considering all options” for responding to the situation in Syria. The EU is one of the international institutions “working together to exert pressure” on Syria’s regime, said Michael Mann, Ashton’s spokesman.

It follows a familiar pattern that began in Egypt. Globalist NGOs, the CIA, NED, Freedom House, and USAID work together to support and organize popular opposition to dictatorial rulers like Mubarak and al-Assad. A military attack on Egypt was not required like it now is in Libya and will soon be in Syria and Iran.

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The Trifecta of Mass Murder has issued a siren call of things to come. It is unlikely Bashar al-Assad and his generals will step down as easily as Mubarak and his cronies. If we can believe the corporate media, the Syrian security services have killed hundreds of people. The regime is determined to stay in power, same as Gaddafi.

Don’t be surprised if the EU and the neocons in the U.S. begin calling for a no-fly zone and military attacks on al-Assad’s government. The globalists are determined to push the “Arab Spring” to its logical and bloody conclusion in order to get results.

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