Hitting the campaign trail for Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, First Lady Michelle Obama hit out at Republican nominee Donald Trump dismissing several of his comments at the recent presidential debate.

Touching on many of the same issues debate moderator Lester Holt asked about, Obama resurrected Trump’s birther controversy and his treatment of Rosie O’Donnell and criticized his aggressive demeanor.

“Back then, people had all kinds of questions about what kind of president Barack would be. Things like does he really understand us? Will he protect us? And then of course, there are those who questioned and continue to question for the past eight years, whether my husband was even born in this country. [boos]

“And let me say, hurtful, deceitful questions deliberately designed to undermine his presidency, questions that cannot be blamed on others or swept under the rug by an insincere sentence uttered at a press conference.

“Let me take a moment. [cheers] But during his time in office, I think Barack has answered these questions with the example he set and the dignity he has shown by going high when they go low.”


“So if a candidate is erratic and threatening, if a candidate traffics in prejudice, fears and lies on the campaign trail, if a candidate thinks that not paying taxes makes you smart, or that it’s good business when people lose their homes. If a candidate regularly and flippantly makes cruel and insulting comments about women about how we look and how we act, well sadly, that’s who that candidate really is.

“That is the kind of president they will be. And trust me, a candidate is not going to suddenly change once they’re in office. Just the opposite in fact. Because the minute that candidate takes that oath, they are under the hottest harshest light there is, and there’s no way to hide who they really are. But see, at that point it’s too late. They are the leader of the world’s largest economy. Commander in chief of the most powerful military force on earth.”

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