Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski went berserk on her MSNBC show Friday morning, lashing out at President Donald Trump after he called her “ditzy” and an “airhead.”

In a classic textbook example of Trump Derangement Syndrome, Brzezinski lost her temper several times throughout the broadcast, going on unhinged rants against Trump throughout various interviews and segments.

“There’s clear disdain that I have for this president,” Brzezinski says in a compilation uploaded by Grabien editor Tom Elliott. “But look at the facts look at how he’s worn us down… from his paid off porn star to Russia lies, to racism in Charlottesville, racism across the board, children in cages I mean lie after lie after lie conspiracy theories…”

“Is there any legal recourse if you get the virus because of the stupidity of this president?” Brzezinski yells at an attorney amid a 6-person panel discussion.

Brzezinski’s maniacal tirade comes one day after President Trump excoriated her on social media, calling her the “ditzy airhead wife” of co-host “Psycho” Joe Scarborough.

“Very poor morning TV ratings for MSDNC’s Morning Joe, headed by a complete Psycho named Joe Scarborough and his ditzy airhead wife, Mika, and also @CNN, headed by complete unknowns,” Trump wrote on Twitter Thursday. “Congratulations to @foxandfriends on dominating the mornings (thank you President Trump!).”

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