Concern as National Guard and FEMA deployed in wake of severe weather

Steve Watson
July 3, 2012

National Guard troops are conducting door to door “wellness checks” in areas of Virginia and Ohio following power outages due to severe heat and storms.

WDTV in West Virginia reports that “The National Guard is checking to make sure everyone is doing well.”

The report also states that some guardsmen have been instructed to go to people’s homes and carry out “personal health checks”.

“Since thousands were out of power in Harrison County and there’s been times the 911 center was down, the National Guard was going from house to house in places like Lost Creek, West Milford and Johnstown to see how everyone was holding up and getting them the help they may need.” the report states.

In Ohio, the Mansfield News Journal reports that “some 200 Guard troops were launching door-to-door checks in the Columbus area and the Dayton area…”, and that they could be sent to other areas.

“They were initially focusing on retirement communities and other neighborhoods with large numbers of older people to make sure they have access to water and medications and know that air-conditioned cooling centers were available.” the report continues.

A state of emergency has been declared in both states, with the president also directing FEMA to coordinate federal assistance to state and local officials in impacted areas.

Some have expressed concern that troops are being deployed to do door to door checks with little announcement of the fact.

Despite the constitutional protections outlined in the Posse Comitatus Act and the Insurrection Act, there has been and is an ongoing push to blur the divisions between military and domestic law enforcement officials.

National Guard troops are routinely involved in ‘urban warfare training’ drills. Usually such drills take place within the confines of military bases, however, more recently heavily armed troops are increasingly seen patrolling residential neighborhoods and even the downtown areas of major US cities.

Such “invasions” are often reported on as nothing to worry about and even as “cool”.

Indeed, back in 2008 the Washington Post reported how 20,000 U.S. troops returning from Iraq would be stationed inside America under Northcom for purposes of “domestic security” from September 2011 onwards.

Northcom officials were forced to subsequently issue a denial after the Army Times initially reported that the troops would be used to deal “with civil unrest and crowd control.”

As Alex Jones exposed back in the late 1990’s, U.S. troops have been training to impose martial law for a considerable amount of time. During numerous urban warfare drills that Jones attended and reported on, troops were trained to raid, arrest and imprison U.S. citizens in detention camps as well as taking over public buildings and running checkpoints. During role playing exercises, actors playing prisoners would scream “I’m an American citizen, I have rights” as they were being dragged away by troops.

The fact that such drills are now set to involve Russian soldiers training on U.S. soil to hunt “terrorists” has also caused consternation.

Federal authorities in the United States have clearly been preparing for domestic civil unrest for a number of years. The Department of Homeland Security recently purchased a staggering 450 million rounds of hollow point bullets as well as bullet-proof checkpoint booths that include ‘stop and go’ lights.

In addition, worrying legislation such as the National Defense Authorization Act, has paved the way for the incarceration of American citizens under military laws, and numerous leaked and semi-secret documents position the army as partners to domestic federal agencies in quelling unrest in America and even engaging in missions involving the ”resettlement” of US citizens.


Steve Watson is the London based writer and editor for Alex Jones’, and He has a Masters Degree in International Relations from the School of Politics at The University of Nottingham in England.

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