Justin Trudeau’s administration says that Canadians who leave their country to fight with ISIS have a “right to return” and will offer counseling to the terrorists sympathizers.

A briefing note, addressed to Canadian Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale and obtained through the Access to Information Act, shows that Trudeau’s government is ready to take on the former terrorists by mitigating “the threat through efforts outside the criminal justice system.”

While claiming the “government must facilitate their return to Canada,” the note also mentions that because of the difficulty in prosecuting people who return to Canada after fighting for terror organizations overseas, the government will provide “religious counseling [and] normal psychological counseling to ensure these people aren’t thinking about conducting an attack.”

Because terrorism is “complex and resource intensive,” the Canadian government has set up a multi-department agency called High-Risk Returnee Interdepartmental Taskforce that coordinates its efforts with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, according to the brief.

The task force will be used to monitor the former ISIS terrorists while agents “engage with the returnee and the returnee’s family to open up [a] dialogue with the individual and to help support the returnee’s disengagement from their radical ideology and past behavior.”

“Moving forward, we must continue to work to identify how to best address returnees,” the briefing says. “While they may have engaged in terrorism abroad and broken the law, not all returnees continue to pose a threat — they may now be disillusioned with the cause.”

According to Canada’s government, some 190 Canadian extremists are currently active in terrorist groups overseas, mostly in Syria and Iraq where groups like ISIS are quickly being defeated.

Government reports suggest that an additional 60 terrorist fighters have returned to Canada as police brace for another wave of returnees in the coming months.

The strategy of accepting terrorist fighters back into Canadian society is happening with little surprise as Prime Minister Trudeau has made his soft stance on returning ISIS terrorists entirely known.

During a recent town hall discussion, Trudeau likened returning ISIS fighters to when “Italian families settled in Montreal in the postwar years” and discussed how such influxes of immigrants were discriminated against for their style of dress and religion.

The disclosure that the Canadian government will open its arms to terrorists comes shortly after it was revealed that Trudeau’s government removed from an official report all references to ISIS fighters returning to Canada and posing a potential chemical weapons threat, despite warnings from its own public safety department.

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