Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is vowing to reduce income taxes and cellphone costs in an apparent move to salvage support for his re-election bid amid a blackface scandal that has heavily damaged his poll numbers, Reuters reports.

“Canadians work hard, and they deserve to sleep easy at night,” Trudeau announced on Sunday. “By lowering taxes and cutting cellphone bills, our Liberal team will put more than $1,500 per year back in the pockets of hardworking Canadian families.”

Trudeau’s Liberal Party had held a seemingly comfortable advantage over the Conservatives ahead of October’s federal elections, but following the release of multiple bombshell photos and video depicting Trudeau in ‘blackface,’ that lead “evaporated almost overnight,” according to pollster Frank Graves of EKOS Research.

“The Liberals were at or very close to a majority” in the House of Commons, Graves asserted. “That’s completely turned around and maybe the Conservatives are in majority range now.”

A political scientist predicts that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s ‘blackface’ scandal could cost him the upcoming election.

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