President Trump took time during his speech to FBI graduates Friday to slam the Fake News media, claiming “about 30 percent” of them are “good people.”

“But as I look out in the audience today, I see many young, bright faces,” Trump said. “To them, and to many other young Americans watching at home, of which there are many — you see, there’s the fake news back there,” he said, pointing to news cameras.

“Look, everybody. (Laughter.) Fake news. No, actually, some of them are fine people. (Laughter.) About — let’s see, who’s back there? Yeah, about 30 percent. (Laughter.)”

Even before he won the presidency, Trump had begun dubbing an ever-growing list of establishment media outlets “fake news,” accusing them of printing patently false and inaccurate stories about him.

Watch the rest of the president’s speech at the FBI National Academy Graduation Ceremony below:

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