A representative for the Trump administration issued a rebuke of California’s recent appointment of an illegal immigrant to head a state office.

The state’s Senate Rules Committee voted last week to appoint Mexican citizen Lizbeth Mateo, 33, to advise a state committee which focuses on financial aid grants for low-income students.

Speaking to Breitbart, the anonymous Trump representative stated the move showed California’s willingness to ignore criminal activity in exchange for scoring political points.

“California continues to break new ground in an effort to thumb their nose at the rule of law,” the Trump admin official told Breitbart.

“Their message to the world is clear: California’s ‘leadership’ is willing to protect anyone — including criminals — in an effort to score political points. Intentionally undermining public safety in this manner is not an equation that bodes well for Californians.”

As noted by Breitbart, Mateo, who was brought to the US at age 14, was not eligible for the Obama-era DACA mandate, and had to return to Oaxaca, Mexico, in 2013. She was subsequently apprehended at the border after attempting to enter the US illegally, but was released after petitioning for asylum.

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