The Trump administration is ratcheting up pressure on Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro to force him to address the country’s deepening humanitarian crisis, release political prisoners unconditionally, and overhaul its election process ahead of a May presidential ballot.

The Trump administration this week clamped down further on Maduro’s government to isolate the regime and threatened oil sanctions in an effort to push for the release of several U.S. citizens imprisoned in Caracas. Additionally, the administration is seeking ways to help hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans fleeing hunger and economic turmoil.

The Trump administration on Tuesday announced that it is providing $2.5 million for emergency food and medicine assistance to Venezuelan migrants in Colombia as a first step to try to alleviate the growing humanitarian crisis which is spilling over into neighboring countries and impacting the region.

Maduro has so far refused to accept humanitarian aid from the United States or other international bodies, arguing that such offers were only thinly veiled attempts to undermine his government.

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