Presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump amped up his attack on Hillary Clinton Friday, saying that she is ‘ill equipped’ for the presidency and that her comments in reference to Trump’s proposed temporary ban on Muslims are ‘dumb’.

Trump issued a statement Thursday evening striking back at Clinton, after she suggested he is “irresponsible, reckless and dangerous,” “not qualified” to be president, and said that “Donald Trump is essentially being used as a recruiter for more people to join the cause of terrorism.”

“The fact that Hillary thinks the temporary Muslim ban, which she calls the ‘Muslim ban’, promotes terrorism, proves Bernie Sanders was correct when he said she is not qualified to be President,”Trump fired back.

“Look at the carnage all over the world including the World Trade Center, San Bernardino, Paris, the USS Cole, Brussels and an unlimited number of other places. She and our totally ignorant President won’t even use the term Radical Islamic Terrorism,” Trump’s statement continued.

“And by the way, ask Hillary who blew up the plane last night – another terrible, but preventable tragedy. She has bad judgment and is unfit to serve as President at this delicate and difficult time in our country’s history.” the statement said, referring to the downing of the Egypt Air flight on Wednesday.

The two continued to attack each other back on forth on Twitter:

In interviews Friday, Trump continued where his statement left off, again returning to Hillary’s comments that the so called ‘Muslim ban’ is disrespectful.

“Is that the dumbest thing you’ve ever heard? I mean to me, it’s one of the dumber statements I’ve ever heard. I mean, she is so ill-equipped to be the president,” Trump said on Fox and Friends.

“I just think it is absolutely dumb — in fact, if anything, it’s just the opposite. Because they’re going to have to learn that we can’t take this anymore.” Trump elaborated.

“I have many Muslim friends, and they agree they have a tremendous problem with the radical Islamic terrorism, and what she said is so dumb,” he added.

In an interview with MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Trump said Hillary has “horrible judgment” and cited the destabilization of Libya. Trump decried the fact that ‘ISIS has Libya’s oil’ now, saying that he would have stayed out of Libya, stayed out of Iraq, and stayed out of Syria.

“I wouldn’t have fought so much for Assad,” Trump said, adding “You have Iran, which we made into a power, because of some of the dumbest deals I have ever seen.”

“So now you have Iran and Russia in favour of Assad, and we’re supposed to fight the two of them, and at the same time we’re supposed to fight ISIS who is fighting Assad.

Trump spoke at length about foreign policy and also touched on comments former Defense Secretary Robert Gates made, charging that Trump is too ‘unpredictable’ and predicates a foreign policy based on “uninformed bluster and threats”.

“The comments are wrong, because he knows nothing about me, he knows nothing about what I’ve said. I’m not a big fan of his, by the way,” Trump said.

“Look at where our country is with years of him being involved — we are a mess,” Trump urged, adding that “They have been doing this stuff for 15 years, and look where our country is. We need a new group with better thinking.”


Steve Watson is the London based writer and editor for Alex Jones’, and

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