President Trump continued his tirade against the media this week at a rally in Evansville, Indiana, singling out CNN, NBC and the “failing New York Times”.

“These are just dishonest, terrible people,” Trump said, during a speech in which he suggested that NBC was “worse than CNN,” and the New York Times would be out of business were he not the President.

The President referred to a Times reporter who criticized the crowd sizes at his rallies. While he did not name the reporter, Trump said she “doesn’t have a clue” and “pretends she knows what she’s talking about.”

The story Trump was referring to was a Times piece that appeared last week, authored by Maggie Haberman and Katie Rogers.

The article suggested that there were empty seats at a rally in West Virginia, and that the crowd was “flat”.

“She made the statement that President Trump was disappointed to see some empty chairs,” Trump said, adding “Yeah, they were going to the bathroom maybe.”

“And he was so disappointed at the tone in the room,” he continued. “We left there saying that was amazing.”

The President also suggested that NBC News Chairman Andy Lack will soon be fired.

“The word is they’re firing the head of NBC, what a great thing to do,” he said, adding “How smart. Who knows? With these people you never know.”

Elsewhere during the rally, the President attacked Democrats for campaigning to abolish ICE.

“Where did this come from? By the way, do you have any idea what ICE does?” Trump said, adding “These are people that go into a nest of MS-13. It’s a nest. These are evil people in there. This is a group of gang members.”

“I can’t say animals anymore because Nancy Pelosi got very angry when I called them animals,” Trump continued.

“I called them animals and she went crazy. I can’t do it. I can’t call them animals. Even though they have guns, but they don’t like using guns because it’s not painful enough. They want to slice people up. Young girls walking home from school, 16 years old. And they sliced them up. They died. They died. Their parents are incredible people. I met their parents, devastated. And the reason because it was more painful. And then I call them animals and Nancy Pelosi gets upset because I’m talking about ‘human beings.’ They don’t get it.” Trump urged.

The full rally can be viewed here:

Trump’s performance follows a series of tweets this week slamming the media and once again describing the press as the “Enemy of the People!”

“I just cannot state strongly enough how totally dishonest much of the Media is. Truth doesn’t matter to them, they only have their hatred & agenda,” Trump tweeted:

The President sent out several other tweets, in particular focusing on CNN and its president, Jeff Zucker.

The President then turned his attention to NBC:

Trump then addressed a New York Times report which has suggested that the president’s daughter Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner worked to force White House counsel Don McGahn out.

Earlier in the week Trump tweeted that CNN was being “torn apart” after “being caught in a major lie and refusing to admit the mistake,” referring directly to journalist Carl Bernstein, who accused the president of having prior knowledge of the Trump Tower meeting between his campaign personnel and Russians.

Other news organizations canned the article after it was revealed that Lanny Davis, the attorney for former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen, admitted he was a source for the piece, but had no evidence to back up the claims.

CNN, however, has stuck by the claims in the article, and declared that “CNN does not lie” while openly calling Trump a ‘fool’.

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