Donald Trump’s longtime role as an on-again-off-again cheerleader for Bernie Sanders came to an abrupt end Tuesday as Sanders endorsed his former rival Hillary Clinton, with Trump accusing Sanders of ‘selling out.’

‘Bernie Sanders endorsing Crooked Hillary Clinton is like Occupy Wall Street endorsing Goldman Sachs, Trump tweeted in one of many broadsides at Sanders, who sometimes seemed to have a public kinship with Trump because of the way each ran campaigns that challenged party orthodoxy.

‘I am somewhat surprised that Bernie Sanders was not true to himself and his supporters. They are not happy that he is selling out!’ tweeted Trump.

Trump has long tried to lure some of Sanders’ anti-trade backers into his orbit, sprinkling compliments on the Vermont Sanders even while mocking him as ‘Crazy Bernie.’

Trump pointed to the trade issue in one of his tweets. Sanders noted during the primaries that Clinton had called the Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal the ‘gold standard,’ though she ultimately became a critic of the deal as Sanders ran at her from the left.

‘Bernie sanders has abandoned his supporters by endorsing pro-war pro-TPP pro-Wall Street Crooked Hillary Clinton,’ Trump wrote.

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