President Trump on Monday brutally mocked Obama’s endorsement of Joe Biden with a hilarious meme, making it apparent he’s still got his eye on 2020.

The video, shared by the president on Twitter, is a meme rendition of an AllState insurance ad in which four black men are seated in a living room watching TV when an ad comes on – but in this instance Obama’s face is placed over one of the men as a video of awkward Joe Biden quotes plays.

Here’s a higher quality version of the meme.

“Not another commercial,” the men say.

Meanwhile, a Biden video from 2017 starts playing, where he states, “Kids used to rub my legs down, I love kids jumping on my lap.”

“What?” an uncomfortable Obama asks as the other men slowly turn to look at him.

The meme arrives days after President Obama finally endorsed Biden after months of speculation as to whether he would do so.

The twitter account @ThugLifeNewShit took credit for the meme on Monday, begging AllState not to put a copyright strike on the video and thanking the president for his promotion.

In the midst of Joe’s victory celebrations, Hunter is scheduled for a deposition this week regarding a simple child custody case that could open up a can of worms…

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