President Donald Trump talked mostly about tax cuts and tax reform, addressing supportive truckers Wednesday in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania—but also referencing Iran, a trade deal, and a mystery country that formerly didn’t respect the United States but does now.

“To summarize, our plan goes from eight tax brackets down to four, expands the zero tax bracket greatly, expands the child tax credit, repeals the estate tax and special interest tax breaks, cuts the corporate tax rate … and brings it all the way down to 20 percent, and cuts tax rates for small businesses to the lowest level in more than 80 years,” the president said.

Trump told the enthusiastic crowd, “We want lower taxes, bigger paychecks, and more jobs for American truckers and for American workers.”

Some supporters shouted, “USA, USA,” during the remarks. When Trump talked about “this huge tax cut,” the crowd shouted back, “Yuuuge!”

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