Donald Trump on Tuesday called on Marco Rubio to drop out of the 2016 presidential race if he doesn’t do well on Super Tuesday.

“I think he has to get out,” Trump told Fox News in a phone interview. “You know, he hasn’t won anything, and Ted Cruz very rightly points out, you know, Marco has not won.”

Trump, Rubio and Cruz are generally seen as the only three candidates with a viable path to the Republican nomination. Trump has steamrolled to double-digit margins of victory in New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada. And Cruz won the Feb. 1 Iowa caucuses and is expected to win Texas, which awards the largest share of delegates on Tuesday, but Rubio has yet to win a state — though he maintains he will win Florida on March 15.

“Little Marco Rubio, let me tell you, he’s been a disaster for Florida,” Trump said. “Doesn’t show up to vote. Never even shows up to vote. He’s got the highest miss record in the, you know, in the United States Senate, so Marco Rubio’s done a horrible job in Florida. That doesn’t come up for two weeks, but, you know, honestly, I don’t think he could be right now elected a dog catcher in Florida, so we’ll see what happens.”

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