The Donald Trump campaign blasted Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s criticism of Trump’s proposed border wall by pointing out that Zuckerberg lives in a luxurious mansion with private security miles away from the U.S. border.

“I think I’ll take Mark Zuckerberg seriously when he gives up all of his private security, moves out of his posh neighborhood and comes live in a modest neighborhood near a border town and then I’m sure his attitude would change,” Trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson said on MSNBC. “…There are millions of Americans – by far the overwhelmingly majority of Americans – who don’t have the opportunity to live in safe communities and have private security protecting them.”

“These measures Mr. Trump puts forward are about securing the life, liberty and property of American citizens and the American worker.”

Zuckerberg spoke out against Trump’s plan to limit illegal immigration during Facebook’s F8 developer conference on Tuesday, claiming it would prevent “a connected world and a global community,” but it’s worth pointing out that the CEO’s $7 million home is patrolled by 16 security guards who illegally hog nearby parking spots with their SUVs, according to his neighbors.

Or what’s left of his neighbors, actually; in 2013 Zuckerberg spent $30 million to buy four neighboring homes to give himself more privacy and space.

And let’s not forget about the walls encircling Zuckerberg’s mansion; overall his home has better security than the U.S. border.

In other words, Zuckerberg is a hypocrite who knows that walls prevent criminals from getting in, as Pierson pointed out.

“You put up the wall, you stop the criminals, you stop the drug cartels and you protect the American citizens because you know who’s coming and going into the country, which is something we don’t know right now,” she added.

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