President Trump is getting TERRIBLE advice from his staff and cabinet. President Trump needs to act as Commander-in-Chief, and he MUST declare cartels international terrorist organizations/military invaders.

President Trump is making a mistake by only invoking the 1976 National Emergency Act and saying “it gave Presidents” the authority. The CONSTITUTION gives him the authority. And he is making a mistake by discussing only drugs and crime, not terrorism and the cartels as military enemies.

Trump needs to point out the MILITARY and TERRORIST nature of the cartels. They are unconventional warfare enemies, much like the Taliban, al Qaida, and ISIS, who occupy territory, using terrorism to control areas, who are invading and occupying our nation.

Trump is mistakenly placing this squarely, & only, in the rubric of crime – drugs, human trafficking – &narrow invocation of 1976 National Emergencies Act, rather than evoking a military threat and invasion by the cartels as unconventional international terrorist military enemies.

It’s not too late for him to fix this, but I suspect his legal advisers are intentionally giving him bad advice to limit his actions and to place him in the weakest position possible when he goes to court over this. Remember. The deep state within his own admin tries to pull a coup against him using the 25th Amendment. He is still surrounded by deep state minions.

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