In a series of tweets, the President responded to detractors who are claiming that Trump takes an unacceptable amount of ‘executive time’ off the job by declaring himself the hardest working President in history.

“No president ever worked harder than me (cleaning up the mess I inherited)!” Trump tweeted Monday after his White House schedule was leaked to the media.

White House acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney vowed that the staffer who leaked the schedule will be outed within a week, prompting more schedules to leak online.

The schedules indicate that around 60 percent of the president’s schedule is devoted to “Executive Time.”

Detractors have suggested that this means the President is spending most of his time watching Fox News or tweeting.

Earlier, Trump tweeted about the leak, noting that “it should have been reported as a positive, not negative” because his executive time is not ‘relaxing’ time:

Trump again suggested that the situation he inherited was “a mess”, and that he “had no choice but to work very long hours!”

Trump tweeted out a reference to the latest Rasmussen poll indicating he has a 50% approval rating, with the glib comment “working hard, thank you”:

During a Fox News interview, acting chief of staff Mulvaney noted that the leaked schedule “is not that confidential” and about 400 people get copies of it.

“It’s not the content” that is upsetting, Mulvaney noted, explaining “It’s the fact that someone within the White House spent three months collecting this information, which is really, really hard to do.”

The President’s secretary Madeleine Westerhout‏ commented on the leaks last week, stating “What a disgraceful breach of trust to leak schedules.”

“What these don’t show are the hundreds of calls and meetings @realDonaldTrump takes everyday. This POTUS is working harder for the American people than anyone in recent history.” Westerhout‏ further noted.

While Trump spent the weekend concentrating on talks over funding for border security, Nancy Pelosi was at the Grammy awards posing for photos with Katy Perry, recreating a sardonic ‘fuck you’ clap she directed toward Trump during the State of The Union address.

Perhaps Pelosi was also planning her next vacation for the upcoming shutdown?

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