President Trump responded to special counsel Robert Mueller’s disastrous testimony before the House Judiciary Committee, calling it “an embarrassment and waste of time for our country.”

“The performance was obviously not very big. And you know what? The Democrats thought they could win an election like this. I think they hurt themselves very badly for 2020,” Trump told reporters Wednesday on the White House lawn.

“They are devastated. The Democrats lost so big today. Their party is in shambles right now. They’ve got The Squad leading their party. They are a mess.”

“This was a devastating day for the Democrats,” he added.

Trump also battled with reporters throughout the impromptu presser over their refusal to abandon the fake narrative of Russian collusion and obstruction of justice.

“You’re fake news. That’s why people don’t deal with you because you’re a fake news reporter,” he said to a mainstream media reporter.

Breaking news: federal grand juries in three states are expected to hand out indictments stemming from the theft of classified information from the White House.

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