The Associated Press is reporting that Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump is the projected Florida primary winner.

The win, which caused Florida-native Marco Rubio to officially drop out of the race, will provide Trump with the state’s 99 delegates.

Despite major polls showing a double digit lead for Trump days prior to the primary, the Rubio campaign continued to claim they would be victorious.

Just last month, Rubio adviser Todd Harris told Twitter followers that the Florida senator would win regardless of poll numbers.


Rubio himself also stated last week that he believed the Florida winner would undoubtedly receive the GOP nomination.

“I need your help,” Rubio said. “I believe with all my heart that the winner of the Florida primary next Tuesday will be the nominee of the Republican Party.”

Speaking to supporters following his loss, Rubio stated that it was not “God’s plan” for him to lead the nation.

“It is not God’s plan that I be president in 2016 or maybe ever,” Rubio said.

Rubio also used the moment to warn his supporters against giving into fear, a comment seen as a jab at The Donald.

“I ask the American people, do not give into the fear, do not give into the frustration,” he said.

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