The Democratic Party’s “Death To America” campaign marches on.

The collective hubris of the party is on full display as they can’t even unify to protect voting Americans or swallow their pride to accept the help of the national guard.

Oregon and its long history of Democratic corruption is leading the way as Governor Kate Brown has resorted to asking police from nearby districts of Portland to assist with controlling the marxist madness, but to no avail.

Now, the owner of the salon where Pelosi committed her hypocrisy is getting death threats.

Inside the blue city of Portland, Mayor Ted Wheeler fiddles while his city burns, standing by the protesters even as they smoke him out of his home.

While Democrat San José California Mayor Sam Liccardo’s house was hit by Antifa/BLM useful idiots.

The Democrats’ two-faced projection is reaching its zenith with statements like these.

It has never been clearer who the true enemy of the state is.

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