Republican presidential contender Donald Trump performed better than opponent Hillary Clinton during Wednesday night’s Commander-in-Chief forum, multiple polls show.

Early Thursday morning the Republican candidate tweeted multiple images of different polls showing he came out on top during NBC’s forum, even on a poll conducted by the network that hosted the event.

The polls’ optics were so bad Hillary was forced to hold her first press conference in 278 days, taking a mere 6 questions from reporters – and ignoring one of the burning questions of the campaign posed by a Daily Mail reporter who asked about the concussion she cited during FBI testimony.

Sensing blood in the water, Trump did not relent:

Considering the polls’ results, it’s clear the Clinton campaign spin artists have their work cut out for them. If the forum’s outcome is any indication of what’s to come, Trump will certainly mop the floor with Hillary in the upcoming debates.

UPDATE: The final results of NBC’s poll show a clear majority believe Trump outperformed Clinton during the forum.

Infowars covered the forum – breaking down the lies live in real time:

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