MSNBC anchors Ali Velshi and Stephanie Ruhle were frustrated by Trump EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler saying climate change isn’t an immediate threat.

Ruhle declared, “The Trump administration has managed to downplay the impact of climate change again. Andrew Wheeler, the new EPA administrator, insisted the effects of manmade global warming are not here yet.”

In an interview with CBS correspondent Major Garrett on Wednesday, Wheeler explained his position on climate change.

“When you hear Democrats running for nomination in 2020 say we’re in a catastrophic situation, is there anything unreasonable about those impressions or that rhetoric?” Garrett asked.

Wheeler responded, “Yes, I think it is unreasonable. On the climate change, it is an important issue that we have to be addressing, and we are addressing it, but most of the threats from climate change are 50 to 75 years out.”

Ruhle responded to Wheeler’s comment, saying, “Well, for facts sake, climate change is here, happening right now. Like the historic record-breaking flooding that ripped through the Midwest. You know when what happened? This week.”

Speaking with former Obama administration EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy, Velshi complained, “It’s sort of beyond frustrating that an EPA administrator would say that a matter 50 to 75 years out is not important.”

McCarthy said the Trump administration is acting like “they’re blind and all of these things are happening around them that threaten our lives, that threaten our public health, that are destroying communities, destroying farmland, that are killing and impacting millions of people across the world…”

The issue is that McCarthy never explains what “these things” are.

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