President Donald Trump on Sunday fired up his attack on the news media, saying its coverage of the economy and Group 7 summit of trying is trying to hamper his reelection chances.

In early morning tweets, the president lashed out at the “fake and disgusting” press accounts as “trying to ‘will’ America” into bad economic times.

“Before I arrived in France, the Fake and Disgusting News was saying that relations with the 6 others countries in the G-7 are very tense, and that the two days of meetings will be a disaster,” he tweeted.

“Just like they are trying to force a Recession, they are trying to ‘will’ America into bad Economic times. The worse the better, anything to make my Election more difficult to win.”

“Well, we are having very good meetings, the Leaders are getting along very well, and our Country, economically, is doing great – the talk of the world!,” he asserted.

After stocks suffered a big drop earlier this month, Trump also tweeted “the fake news media is doing everything they can to crash the economy because they think that will be bad for me and my re-election.”

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