In an executive order signed earlier this month, President Trump cleared the path for genetically modified plants and animals.

The order will “simplify” regulations around GMO foods.

Jim Greenwood, president of The Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO), praised the order. Greenwood said that the BIO:

“…applauds the Trump administration for taking this important step forward to ensure government policy does not hinder 21st-century biotechnology from addressing the many global challenges — from a looming food crisis to climate change — that are facing society today.”

BIO has lobbied for the prominent GMO corporation Monsanto.

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The executive order was signed as more synthetic foods are being developed.

Genetically modified salmon will reach store shelves as early as next year, becoming the first genetically modified animal approved for human consumption. The salmon is injected with DNA from other species in order to make it grow to full size much faster than normal.

Synthetic lab-grown meat and dairy products are also in the works, a move praised by Democrats fearful of climate change.

The Center for Food Safety spoke out against the order, saying in part:

“If the administration cared about farmers, it would take steps to protect them from the GMO-driven herbicide drift that is devastating their crops…”

Synthetic biology is enabling a new era of genetic modification that is not classified as GMO.

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