Before Election Day, President Donald Trump tweeted his support for Virginia Republican Ed Gillespie and even recorded a robocall, but it did no good. Gillespie lost the Virginia gubernatorial election by an 9-point margin on what turned out to be a very good night for Democrats.

Don’t blame me, Trump tweeted from South Korea: “Ed Gillespie worked hard but did not embrace me or what I stand for. Don’t forget, Republicans won 4 out of 4 House seats, and with the economy doing record numbers, we will continue to win, even bigger than before!”

Virginia has gone blue in each of the past three presidential elections, and Democrats have now won four of the past six Virginia gubernatorial elections.

(As predicted, New Jersey voters also elected a Democrat as their next governor.)

Democrat leaders, including Party chairman Tom Perez, said voters on Tuesday “rejected a Trump-Pence agenda that would take health care away from millions, cut taxes for millionaires and corporations at the expense of the middle class, and fuel bigotry and division at a time when our country needs unity.”

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