President Trump set the Internet on fire this weekend, retweeting a humorous meme depicting him knocking over failed opponent Hillary Clinton with a golf ball, which triggered #NeverTrump leftists and stuffy pundits – as well as a wave of great new memes.

The golf meme, which was first posted by Twitter user @Fuctupmind, has garnered over 60,000 likes since the President retweeted it, and depicts Trump hitting a ball off a tee which then ‘ricochets’ off Clinton’s back, knocking her over.

The original footage comes from Clinton’s infamous fall while boarding a plane in Yemen in 2011, during her tenure as Secretary of State.

“Donald Trump’s amazing golf swing #Crooked Hillary,” reads the caption.

Leftists and mainstream media immediately lost their minds, expressing fury that the President would endorse the “violent GIF” – which only served to served to fuel the meme trolls who began cranking out follow-up GIF’s, many of which are centered around authentic videos of Trump playing sports and Hillary’s spill.

Manufactured outrage from leftists earned them a hefty dose of mocking in return – as well as exposure of their hypocrisy.

Staunch anti-Trump RINO and CNN commentator, Ana Navarro, who is an avid financial supporter of Democrat candidates, asserted that if a child posted the golf meme, they should be punished, and so should the President.

“We cannot normalize this kind of behavior from the president of the United States, he is still an example,” she said during a tirade on CNN. “If your six-year-old son did this he would be punished and so this 71-year-old should not be accepted. He is being a jerk and he’s not being a president.”

Trump likely anticipated a major backlash to the Tweet, but he hasn’t shied away from similar provocations in the past, like the now-infamous “CNN Wrestlemania meme” which became his most popular Tweet ever – a feat not easily topped for the man with nearly 40 million followers.

Meanwhile, Clinton spent the weekend in Costco, hidden behind stacks of toilet paper and displays of milk, where she signed copies of her new book “What Happened” for dozens of admirers.

Journalist Laura Loomer, who was present the event, estimated that approximately 20 supporters turned out to meet the former candidate, which was protested heavily – both by in-person demonstrators, and people vowing to boycott Costco or cancel their memberships.

The golf meme was not Trump’s only Tweet that raised eyebrows and elicited laughs this weekend, as the President assigned one of his trademark derogatory nicknames to North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-un, calling him “Rocket Man,” while briefing the public on a conversation he had conducted with the president of South Korea.

“I spoke with President Moon of South Korea last night. Asked him how Rocket Man is doing,” wrote Trump. “Long gas lines forming in North Korea. Too bad!”

Prominent political cartoonist and cultural commentator, Scott Adams, live-streamed a Periscope in which he asserted that part of Trump’s campaign success can be attributed to his sense of humor.

“All week Hillary Clinton’s been pushing her book and saying increasingly ridiculous things about why she lost,” Adams said. “Do you know which one she left out? That Trump is funny as hell.”

“You have to admit, some number of people voted for him just because he’s funnier. You know that’s true and she left that one out.”

“Now, obviously, everybody reacts to these two personalities differently, but nobody’s going to tell you she had a sense of humor and nobody’s going to tell you he didn’t,” he added. “And I’m here to tell you, that did make a difference.”

While some cannot stomach the President expressing his brand of humor in a manner that no POTUS has before him, many of his supporters – whom Clinton viciously maligned as “deplorable” and “irredeemable” – voted for a new standard, and a breath of fresh air.

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