The federal government is preparing to deport over 1 million illegal immigrants who have court-issued removal orders, according to acting director of the Citizenship and Immigration Services Ken Cuccinelli.

Appearing on CBS “Face the Nation” Sunday, Cuccinelli said that ICE and DHS officials are preparing the “enormous” operation targeting migrants that a judge has ordered deported.

​”They’re ready to just perform their mission​,​ which is to go and find and detain and then deport the proximity one million people who have final removal orders. They’ve been all the way through the due process and have final removal orders​,” Cuccinelli said.

”Who among those will be targeted for this particular effort, or not, is really just information kept within ICE at this point.​”​

Trump had announced last month that ICE would “begin deporting the millions of illegal aliens​ who have found their way into the United States,” but the operation was delayed after a suspected Trump official leaked ICE’s operation plans to the media.

Illegal Immigration won the evening in the latest development from the Clown World Dem debates.

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