A slew of Democrats and their leftist media mouthpieces declared that Donald Trump is Hitler Tuesday, after the President declared he is a nationalist and opposed to ruthless globalists.

Appearing on CNN with Wolf Blitzer, Democratic Rep. Gregory Meeks insisted that Trump’s comments are the “kinds of words that came from people like Hitler.”

“It reminds me of the kinds of words that came from people like Hitler, who thought that in Germany he was a nationalist, and the kinds of people that this president seems to like, and those who are repressive dictators, those are the individuals that generally use that kind of phrase and those kinds of words,” Meeks said.

When Blitzer asked Meeks to go on, he said he was “using the word of nationalism and a nationalist, meaning that when you looked into Hitler, he was talking about Germany for the Germans and that’s it, and anyone else was against them.”

“And so it seems as though this president is saying that it is only about Americans, and Americans above anything and everyone else. And that is a dangerous precedent,” Meeks said.

The US President saying the US is the most important country, how dangerous.

“I’m saying that language that the president is utilizing is a very dangerous language that we must be very cautious about,” Meeks added.

“That’s what I’m saying. You know, you go to any dictator that advocates that kind of theory, you see that they actually impose—or poses a threat to everybody within our society and without the society.” Meeks continued.

Meeks further argued that there is a correlation between Hitler and Trump in “how they built themselves up to be the dictators that they were.”

Over at MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace and guest New York Times correspondent Peter Baker also compared Trump to Hitler:

Baker argued that Trump’s “America first,” phrase was originally “associated with pre-World War II isolationists and Nazi sympathizers.”

“He doesn’t care if history conveys a meaning with these words,” Baker said, adding “Or maybe he does and it’s OK with him because the message he’s trying to get out is one that says he more than anybody else is standing up for the United States. It resonated with the crowd last night in Houston. I was there; they loved it. They booed the word ‘globalist’; they cheered the word ‘nationalist.'”

“I watch enough History Channel to know that they cheered at Hitler, too,” Wallace chimed in, adding that in his use of the phrase “nationalism,” Trump meant “white” nationalism.

Back over at CNN, the head reporter of the anti-Trump ‘resistance’, Jim Acosta stated that “I don’t think it’s a stretch for a lot of Americans out there to wonder whether or not the president is secretly considering himself a white nationalist.”

Acosta had earlier asked Trump directly if he was a white nationalist, receiving a smackdown in the process.

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough didn’t want to be left out, so he literally read out a US government psychological profile of Hitler on-air, and then sarcastically said “This doesn’t relate to anybody whatsoever.”

“This is from the United States Office of Strategic Services in describing Hitler’s psychological profile, and this only pertains to Adolf Hitler, it pertains to no one else. I just can’t state that enough,” Scarborough sardonically added.

Back at CNN, host Chris Cuomo argued with his guests that Trump’s use of ‘nationalism’ can only be understood as fascist, with “Steve Cortes stating to Cuomo that “nobody made you CEO of the English language”:

Perhaps the most unhinged ‘Trump is Hitler’ comparison came from regular CNN and MSNBC guest Bruce Bartlett, a Republican, who tried to argue that Hitler was a better person than Trump:

This daily drivel being endlessly bandied around by the leftist media, Democrats, and establishment dinosaurs is exactly why Trump was victorious. These people are truly deranged.

The only rational voice was Tucker Carlson, who noted that “You’d think everyone in charge of a nation would be a nationalist.”

“Putting the interests of your own citizens above those of citizens of other countries was once considered a prerequisite for running a democracy.” Carlson added.

“Hitler was a nationalist. Of course, so were Mahatma Gandhi and Abraham Lincoln and every other leader of every other nation throughout history until about 20 minutes ago, but whatever.” Carlson concluded.

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