On Monday following an appearance by Trump insider and adviser Roger Stone on the Alex Jones Show last week, Donald Trump tweeted it “is so important to audit The Federal Reserve.” He also criticized opponent Ted Cruz for missing a vote on the proposal.

Stone told Alex Jones prior to the tweet Trump is “deeply suspicious” and “open-minded about the Fed.”

“I suspect you’d get an audit of the Fed he has never said that, but I know his views. He doesn’t trust anything he is hearing out of Washington he is the last best chance for reform,” Stone added.

In August Trump criticized the Fed’s artificially low interest rate, which has remained near zero since the financial crisis of 2008.

“From the country’s standpoint, I’m just not sure it’s a very good thing, because I really do believe we’re creating a bubble,” he said.

In October he accused Fed boss Janet Yellen of keeping interest rates low to stave off a deeper recession during the remainder of Obama’s term.

“She’s keeping the economy going, barely,” Trump said. “The reason they’re keeping the interest rate down is Obama doesn’t want to have a recession-slash-depression during his administration.”

Texas Senator Ted Cruz supported a bill to audit the Fed introduced by Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul. However, when the legislation came up for a vote Cruz skipped out.

Cruz explained he opted out because “it was clear early on [the] vote wasn’t going to succeed… And, at the same time that the vote was scheduled, I had longstanding commitments to be in New Hampshire.”

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