A second summit between President Donald Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un will occur in the future, said Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

“There will be another summit,” he told CBS This Morning. “The location and date have not been set yet, but we’re working diligently to make sure we get the conditions right, so that we can accomplish as much as possible during the summit.”

Pompeo did speculate that the summit would probably occur after October.

“It takes a little while to put these together, and we want to make sure we’ve got the conditions just right so the two leaders can be successful,” he added.

The secretary of state said he would travel to Pyongyang for negotiations in the meantime and that he believes Kim knows the stakes when it comes to denuclearization.

“He understands the scope of that and what that means,” Pompeo said. “He’s been very consistent in his commitment to delivering on that promise.”

“We need to find our way forward to achieve that for the world.”

Since the first historic meeting in June, relations between the two countries have vastly improved given that, in 2017, Trump threatened “fire and fury” against North Korea in response to Kim’s threats.


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