President Trump early Sunday lashed out at The New York Times over what he views as unfair coverage, this time claiming that it is engaging in a “racism witch hunt.”

“The Failing New York Times, in one of the most devastating portrayals of bad journalism in history, got caught by a leaker that they are shifting from their Phony Russian Collusion Narrative (the Mueller Report & his testimony were a total disaster), to a Racism Witch Hunt,” Trump tweeted, apparently referencing a leaked transcript of a meeting the newspaper’s executive editor, Dean Baquet, held with staff last week.

“‘Journalism’ has reached a new low in the history of our Country. It is nothing more than an evil propaganda machine for the Democrat Party. The reporting is so false, biased and evil that it has now become a very sick joke,” he continued, before claiming that the “the public is aware!”

“With all that this Administration has accomplished, think what my Poll Numbers would be if we had an honest Media, which we do not,” he added in a subsequent tweet.

Baquet met with staffers in the Times’ newsroom to discuss a range of issue related to the newspaper’s coverage, including how it reports on Trump and racism.

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Watch Alex Jones break down the New York Times’ leaked documents:

Matt Bracken breaks down the leftist propaganda prepping the American public to devolve into a new civil war fueled by blind hatred.

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