President Trump posted a video to social media Sunday of a ‘real news’ broadcast highlighting positive stories concerning the administration, and it has triggered detractors, especially those working for what The President refers to as the ‘fake’ media.

The video featured Kayleigh McEnany, a former CNN commentator, who was regularly on placed on panels as the token lone pro-Trump voice. McEnany reportedly recently asked out of her contract at the network.

“President Trump has clearly steered the economy back in the right direction” McEnany notes during the presentation, crediting him with creating more than 1 million new jobs since taking office.

Trump fired off several tweets slamming ‘fake news’ to accompany the ‘real news’ video:

CNN called the video ‘political campaign propaganda’:

A slew of verified liberals followed suit, including former Ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul:

MSNBC’s Morning Joe hosts were triggered into devoting multiple segments to analyzing the video, labeling it ‘typical political spin’:

“My take is that he’s given up,” said former Bush comms director Nicolle Wallace.

“He spent the entire duration of the campaign engaging you and Mika [Brzezinski], engaging all the media … He’s given up. He understands that the free media is going to ask difficult questions.” she added.

“They’re going to press until they get to the truth, and he’s thrown up his hands, and I think he sees that his comportment in office doesn’t withstand the sorts of media that he relied on during the campaign.” Wallace continued.

“To me, this is just another string in all these … defeats for him. He’s given up on the free media, and now he’s making his own media,” she concluded.

“You really have to want to be fooled if you watch this for news.” said commentator Noah Rothman.

“It’s the message from the White House and it’s pretty well branded as that. It’s not quite Between Two Ferns. They’re creating something from scratch trying to get to their audience specifically, not to reach a new audience.” he added.

Here’s some more butthurt over the ‘real news’ video from Twitter:

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