It’s day 269 on the Hilary Clinton never ending no press conference hidathon.

MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki was the latest reporter to point out Monday that the last time Hillary stood and answered questions from members of the press was on December 4, 2015, more than NINE months ago.

In that time, Kornacki noted, Donald Trump has held SEVENTEEN press conferences.

That equates to almost one every fortnight.

“There’s no law that says a presidential candidate has to hold a press conference if they don’t want to.” Kornacki said.

“They don’t have to if they can get away with it. Maybe that’s the political calculation, but there is a tradition there of candidates coming forward, taking questions from anyone in the press who wants to ask them, being hit with whatever question happens to come to them, and having to deal with it on the spot,” Kornacki added.

“That is the tradition of the press conference. It’s one that Hillary Clinton has not had much enthusiasm for though,” Kornacki concluded.

The next event on Hillary’s schedule is Wednesday, as she will give a speech to the American Legion National Convention in Cincinnati, Ohio. Then, the next event on her public schedule after that isn’t until September 7, a full week later.

The GOP nominee has repeatedly stated that he believes Hillary doesn’t have the stamina for anything like a full schedule of appearances, and that she ‘goes home to sleep’ for days on end before reemerging.

Critics on social media have dubbed her #HidingHillary:

While Hillary seemingly has no intention of holding a press conference, she has held vast numbers of fundraisers in the past nine months, 130 to be exact.

The Washington Times notes:

This week is no exception. Mrs. Clinton attended two fundraisers in the greater New York City area, she has another on Monday, and three more Tuesday. Some tickets range up to $100,000.

The GOP has declared that “It’s time for Hillary Clinton to hold a press conference,” particularly in the wake of fresh revelations over her using her position at the State Department to provide special treatment to Clinton Foundation donors.

“Clinton owes the American people explanations on a number of issues, including, but not limited to: why she broke ethics agreements regarding foreign donations to her family foundation, why she gave preferential treatment to foundation donors as secretary of state, and why she should be believed that her off-the-books secret server wasn’t designed purely to cover up the shady pay-to-play politics between the State Department and her family foundation.” a Republican Party statement noted last week.


Steve Watson is a London based writer and editor for Alex Jones’, and

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