A new video showing Secret Service agents telling former Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields to stay out of a secured area convinced the Florida State Attorney not to prosecute Trump’s campaign manager for assault, sources say.

Prosecutors had charged Corey Lewandowski with misdemeanor battery after he reportedly grabbed Fields during a March 8 press conference in Jupiter, Florida, but now they will apparently drop the case thanks to new footage showing Fields re-enter a security zone after agents told her not to.

“We’re told the video shows a Secret Service agent telling Fields she was standing in a secured area where she was not supposed to be and the agent directed her to the area where the media had congregated,” TMZ reported. “We’re told the video shows Fields walking to the media area, rummaging through her purse, and as soon as the agent turned his back she went back to the secured area.”

Interestingly, the agent in charge of former Attorney General Eric Holder’s security also watched multiple videos of the incident and told prosecutors the actions of both Lewandowski and the Secret Service were within proper protocol.

Yesterday Fields told The Blaze she was pursuing a civil action for defamation against Trump and Lewandowski, but Fields has also been criticized for her role in the incident which many have suggested was staged to give the media ammunition against Trump.

Even former CNN personality Piers Morgan denounced Fields’ assault claims.

“The idea that you watch that video and anyone with a brain thinks that that is some kind of assault or battery they’re living in cloud cukoo land,” he said after seeing the most predominant video of the incident. “Has it come to this?”

“The video was utterly tame and utterly pointless.”

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