By now everyone is aware of the fact that there is little love lost between Donald Trump and Jeff Bezos.

A day after Trump blasted Bezos in an interview with Sean Hannity, Washington Post released a tape, allegedly from a 1991 interview, where it alleges Trump was pretending to be a spokesman for himself. All of this is within the scope of today’s political games that get played of course, but the question is did the reality tv star just take things to a new level by leaking the tape and creating a brand new news cycle?

Recall, Donald Trump’s campaign convention manager Paul Manafort said that the race to the presidency is the ultimate reality show for Trump:

Fast forward to the debacle that took place yesterday, where the Washington Post absolutely hammered Trump for allegedly pretending to be a spokesman named “John Miller” in an interview with a People magazine reporter just so Trump could brag about himself and set some things straight with the media.

However, here is the twist: Sue Carswell, the People magazine reporter who can be heard on the tape with the “spokesman”, swears she didn’t leak the tape to anyone. As a matter of fact, she said she doesn’t even know where the tape is, and assumes it got trashed when moving apartments years ago. Carswell claims the only other person who could have possibly had that recording was… drum roll… Donald Trump.

While nobody knows for certain whether or not it was actually Trump on the other end of that recording, it probably wouldn’t surprise anyone to find out that it was The Donald himself – that master of media redirection – who leaked the tape to the Washington Post. After all, he had just created a buzz by saying Bezos was out to get him by any means necessary, and what better way to solidify that than with a “leaked” tape that the Washington Post would clearly run with. Also, with the news out that Trump would be the first presidential candidate not to disclose tax returns in 40 years, why not create a fresh news cycle to take the public’s mind off of that little nuisance.

The Donald may have just masterfully played the entire media universe for fools.


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