President Donald Trump is meeting with former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger on Wednesday, an interesting development given that Kissinger just met with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi to talk about North Korea.

It’s likely that Trump is using Kissinger’s deep ties with China to broker a deal on the hermit kingdom.

And, despite being a prominent globalist, Kissinger has strong links with Russian President Vladimir Putin, which further indicates President Trump is working out a deal on North Korea through back channels with China and Russia.

Of course, the establishment media, always ready to push the “Russian influence” narrative, is so caught up on the fact that Trump just met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov that Kissinger’s April 27 meeting with Wang Yi is being underreported.

And of course the mainstream media won’t attack Kissinger for his indisputable ties with Russia, but they’ll blast Trump for his unproven partnership with Putin.

But here’s the reality: if Trump actually had deep ties to Russia, he wouldn’t be meeting with Kissinger right now.

Furthermore, Kissinger’s April 27 meeting with China has strong implications that could result in a resolution with North Korea, a tense situation that could still be resolved diplomatically.

China in particular prefers the continued existence of North Korea as a buffer state to keep Western-backed South Korea away from its border, and likewise Russia doesn’t want US special interests routinely hijacked by globalists in its sphere in influence.

“For his part, Kissinger said that the U.S. citizens and various world leaders he has contacted are satisfied with the China-U.S. leaders’ meeting and they see the event as successful and friendly, as the two leaders shared similar views on many issues,” reported China’s state-run Xinhua News Agency. “Although the two countries have differences or competition in certain areas, they can be surely be partners and jointly achieve prosperity, which requires both sides to show wisdom and take concrete actions.”

“Wang and Kissinger also exchanged views on various issues of common concern, including the situation on the Korean Peninsula.”

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