A poll released by the Council on American-Islamic Relations Tuesday reveals president-elect Donald Trump received nearly three times as many Muslim votes as Republican nominee Mitt Romney in 2012.

According to CAIR, “the nation’s largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization,” an exit poll of more than 2,000 registered Muslim voters found that 13 percent chose Trump as opposed to 4.4 percent for Romney.

“Muslim were more energized and engaged this election than ever before, turning out in record numbers,” CAIR Director of Government Affairs Department Robert McCaw said.

CAIR’s exit poll also “indicated a high Muslim turnout” with 90 percent stating that they voted in the 2016 election.

The majority of Muslim voters polled by CAIR, 74 percent, voted for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

One such Muslim supporter of Trump, Asra Q. Nomanu, wrote in a Washington Post op-ed that she feared a “Clinton America” given the nominee’s ties to “theocratic Muslim dictatorships.”

“What worried me the most were my concerns about the influence of theocratic Muslim dictatorships, including Qatar and Saudi Arabia, in a Hillary Clinton America,” Nomanu wrote. “These dictatorships are no shining examples of progressive society with their failure to offer fundamental human rights and pathways to citizenship to immigrants from India, refugees from Syria and the entire class of de facto slaves that live in those dictatorships.”

Trump has currently been under intense scrutiny due to his alleged proposal for a “Muslim registry.” The Trump transition team has denied the allegations, stating that they merely intend to strengthen “the national registry of foreign visitors from countries with high terrorism activity that was in place during the Bush and Obama administrations.”

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