The US will “invite” escaped Mexican billionaire druglord El Chapo “to become a US citizen,” real estate mogul Donald Trump sardonically predicted in a tweet sent late last night.

On Saturday, drug kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, the head of the Sinaloa cartel, escaped a Mexican prison for a second time, riding a motorcycle out of a one-mile underground tunnel dug directly beneath his cell.

Trump used the escape as an opportunity to attack his potential 2016 presidential opponents, saying Jeb and Hillary would likely “negotiate” with the escapee.

At the same time, he highlighted how the Mexican government profits from shipping “killers, drugs & crime” into the US.

The reality TV star has ramped up his rhetoric since he tapped a sensitive nerve regarding US illegal immigration from Mexico, a message that resounded with a crowd of thousands this weekend in Phoenix.

The hotel billionaire went one step further last night when he remarked the US’ lax immigration policy would likely result in citizenship for the druglord, adding El Chapo already possesses a California driver’s license.

He also stated the US probably funded Chapo’s escape – to the tune of $3 billion.

In reality, El Chapo’s cartel has deep connections with the US Drug Enforcement Agency, whose agents have met with Sinaloa leaders at least 50 times since 2000.

“A report published in early 2014 by El Universal confirmed the arrangement, which included ‘an array of future benefits, including dropping charges pending against Sinaloa members’ in exchange for information of rival drug cartels, according to the Latin Times,” writes Kurt Nimmo.

“The primary benefit for Guzman and Sinaloa Cartel was the ability to ship billions of dollars worth of narcotics into the United States without fear of DEA interference.”

But in a tweet sent today, Trump says he’s now being accused of financing Chapo’s escape in order to bolster his position on illegal immigration.

Allegedly using his son’s Twitter account, El Chapo made it clear he was not entertained by Trump’s antics.

“Keep talking and I’ll make you eat all your fucking words,” is a rough translation of what Chapo said, adding an anti-gay, racial slur. The message has been retweeted by apparent supporters over 9,500 times.

While it’s easy to dismiss the casino tycoon’s ravings as a distraction – in the past, the businessman has been a major donor to democrat campaigns – his growing popularity makes it clear illegal immigration is a hot button issue conservatives have long been wanting addressed.

Indeed his tough stance on immigration has catapulted him to the head of several polls, giving him a four point lead in The Huffington Post’s election monitor over former Republican frontrunner Jeb Bush.

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