The Grammy-nominated artist ASAP Rocky was detained earlier in July following his performance at a festival in Stockholm. The rap star was allegedly involved in a brawl that left one person injured. Rocky has denied the allegations.

US President Donald Trump has personally vouched for the rapper ASAP Rocky’s bail after a phone call with Sweden’s Prime Minister Stefan Löfven.

Trump tweeted Saturday that Löfven vowed to treat the artist fairly. Trump also assured his Swedish counterpart that Rocky was not a flight risk.

ASAP Rocky was detained with three other people a day after giving a headline performance at the Smash x Stadion hip-hop festival in the Swedish capital. He was allegedly embroiled in a street fight on 30 June, with authorities saying a person was beaten and cut with a broken bottle at the time. Rocky has denied all the allegations.

The US rap star is set to remain in Swedish custody until 25 July while the police probe into the fight in downtown Stockholm continues.

Various celebrities close to Donald Trump, including television personality Kim Kardashian and her husband, rapper Kanye West, have been calling on Stockholm to release ASAP Rocky.

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