Before the wave of confusion surrounding the obvious corruption between Biden and his son and a phone call President Trump made to the Ukranian President to inquire on that corruption before the U.S. handed over 400 million dollars to a historically corrupt nation, the Socialist Democrats’ Princess Alexandria Ocasio Cortez was whining that the bigger national scandal was the Democratic party not impeaching the president.

Now, Pelosi and Schumer’s true boss has made her satisfaction known.

Biden and company are wading into the contempt quicksand because now, Joe Biden and his son, who had zero expertise on oil and natural gas and got billions in deals including the Ukraine and China, will fumble over their story as they already have from the start.

The China investigation will ultimately involve the nephew of Boston gangster Whitey Bulger and John Kerry’s stepson.

I can hear the destruction of evidence now in the Obama camp as those transcripts between Biden and Ukranian officials “accidentally” disappear.

As two investigations continue to waste even more taxpayer dollars and insult more of our collective intelligence, one investigation looking into President Trump’s phone call with the Ukranian President, which could turn out to be a royal flush for the Trump administration, and the other inspecting Joe Biden’s public braggadocio that he protected Hunter from a Ukranian corruption investigation.

Not to mention, as the Gateway Pundit reported, “A corrupt Obama Ambassador refused visas to Ukrainian officials to enter the US. The Ukranians had evidence of the Obama Administration’s misconduct to give to Trump officials.”

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