President Trump on Monday blasted those who subject police officers to “hostility and violence” while promising to draw a “bright line in the sand” to protect law enforcement across the country.

“Our police have been subject to unfair defamation and vilification and — really, you see what’s going on — even worse, hostility and violence,” Trump said during an event on the Capitol steps at the National Peace Officer’s Memorial Service.

“You are entitled to leadership at the highest level that will draw a bright line in the sand, not a red line in the sand that isn’t gone over, but a bright line in the sand, and we will protect you.”

The president called it a “personal priority” to help foster respect for law enforcement in America, criticizing those who use the “reckless words of incitement that give rise to danger and give rise to incitement” and arguing that some people might not believe it’s politically correct to stand with the police.

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