After a parody video tweeted out by President Trump was pulled by Twitter over copyright claims, Trump once again released the video Saturday with “God Bless The USA” imposed over it instead of R.E.M.’s “Everybody Hurts.”

The video depicts sullen Democrats sulking during Trump’s State of the Union address, and was originally accompanied by R.E.M.’S “Everybody Hurts.”

But Twitter disabled the video Friday after complaints by the left, including claims of copyright violation.

The revamped video not only preserves the hilarious depiction of Democrats, it may even enhance the meme by playing Lee Greenwood’s classic patriotic song juxtaposed with the left’s hatred of America’s many successes.

Once again, Trump proves he is the master troll of Twitter.

Alex Jones presents video footage of the moment during President Trump’s state of the union address where he called out Bernie Sanders, and other left-wing democrats, for pushing failed socialist ideologies on the American people and passing it off as helpful to the economy or humanitarian.

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